Drinking water systems from BLANCO turn mains water into refined drinking water, making a big difference to kitchen life every day. Our wide range of options free you to design a water hub that is right for you. With true-100⁰C filtered water, perfectly filtered cold water and a range of practical and unique features, we have the perfect drink.hot or drink.filter system for your style, and your lifestyle. Saving you time and effort in the kitchen and freeing up more time to do the things you love.

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High-spec, safer, better quality all around

All our drink.systems come with a long-lasting, custom fit BWT filter as standard – not as a costly upgrade. Mains cold water is filtered multiple times, getting rid of heavy metals and minute particles that can affect the taste and create bad odours. The BLANCO drink.hot boiling water taps feature a super-strong titanium tank that is more hygienic than stainless steel or copper boilers, keeping the perfectly filtered water purer, reducing limescale and its associated issues. All this innovative tech is managed through a digital control system that helps keep everything running perfectly.


It’s getting hot in here

BLANCO drink.hot systems deliver true 100⁰C filtered water in an instant. Each has safety built-in to the controls, the spout, the water flow itself and the innovative titanium boiler system.

The EVOL-S Pro semi-professional drink.hot 4-in1 boiling tap features the brilliantly unique measuring function, a rotary dial and touch control that let you set exactly the volume of filtered hot or pure filtered cold water you need. The drink.hot TAMPERA 3-in1 boiling tap offers a child safe, variable flow control that switches off automatically upon release, all in a classic mixer tap design. Both have insulated spouts and concentrated, anti-spray, true 100⁰C water flow systems for added safety in use.

BLANCO drink.filter systems feature muti-stage BWT filters


BLANCO drink.filter systems feature muti-stage BWT filters, leaving no room for metal particles, or other such impurities found in mains water, to slip through to create bad flavours or odours.

When you’re thirsty, there’s nothing better. When you’re making tea, creating ice cubes or simply need thirst-quenching glass of pure water, you want to know you have high-quality water you can rely on. With water purified to the highest standard, choose between the drink.filter EVOL-S Pro with separate spouts and measuring function, the drink.filter FONTAS II, with separate filtered water delivery through a single spout and optional pull-out spout, or the classic drink.filter TRIMA design.

To Drink.Filter

Waste less space

Everything you need, all in one place. With a drink.system at its core, a BLANCO UNIT is the perfect combination of tap, sink and integrated organisation for your style and lifestyle.

Did you know we spend more than half of our time in the kitchen at the sink? After all, the sink area we call 'the water hub' is where we fill our glasses, prepare food, rinse dishes, store cleaning products and separate the recycling. Choose from a huge range of sinks and bowls in sizes, formats and colours. Choose a drink.hot or drink.filter system that works for your home and choose an organisational or waste system that turns that no-go-area of chaotic, but important storage, under the sink into a tailored space.

Choice All WCU

BLANCO CHOICE: Elevated Kitchen Water Experience

Introducing the BLANCO CHOICE water system, marrying taste with innovation, delivering a tailored water experience. Centred around the sleek BLANCO CHOICE ICONA tap, offering filtered, chilled, sparkling, and boiling water options, all customisable. Controlled effortlessly with touch sensors and intuitive interfaces, the Icona tap combines style with functionality. Paired with the BLANCO CHOICE.All water conditioning unit, it optimises kitchen space while enhancing water enjoyment. With Bluetooth connectivity and the BLANCO UNIT App, users can personalise settings and monitor consumption easily. Reflecting BLANCO's commitment to sustainability, CHOICE water system elevates kitchen living.


Interactive Digital Brochure

View and download everything you need to know about BLANCO drink.systems in our digital brochure and explore the information on your tablet or smartphone even when you’re offline.

The most frequently asked questions about BLANCO drinking water systems

  • The longevity of the future will depend on the location and hardness of the local water. The flowmeter in the filter of your mixer tap measures the actual amount of water that is flowing through it and shows the remaining capacity in litres on a display. This gives you an indication of when the filter will need to be changed. Once the capacity has gone down to zero, a ten-time signal sounds when the filter is used to warn you that it needs to be changed. Even if you do not use it very much, the filter will still need to be changed at least every 12 months.

  • No, only BLANCO filter cartridges can be used.

  • You can replace the filter yourself. A specialist technician is not required. When replacing the filter, do not turn the angle valve, as the filter head is already fitted with a shut-off valve. The water flow will stop automatically if the filter is removed.

  • You can purchase the filters from the BLANCO replacement parts shop or from specialist retailers.

  • No, it is not possible to install or position the filter horizontally. It only works properly if installed vertically.

  • As long as the packaging is unopened, filters do not have an expiry date.

  • We recommend making sure that your filter does not go unused for a long time. If the filter function goes unused for about 2–3 days, you should run at least 4 litres of water through it. If the filter is not used for 4 weeks or more, replace it with another.

  • No, the filter head is pre-set. A specific amount of water is run through the ion exchanged and thus softened. Water hardness is intentionally not completely filtered out of the water. Essentially, however, the entire amount of water also flows through the other filter steps, the particle filter and the activated carbon filter. Only one option can be set on the bypass setting.