Drinking water systems from BLANCO turns the standard tap water from your kitchen mixer tap into refined drinking water exactly as you want it. Save yourself unnecessary time and effort in the kitchen and free up more time for doing the things you love. All BLANCO drinking water systems consist of a mixer tap and a control unit with a multi-stage filter that nestle in the base cabinet beneath the sink.

The drink.filter system is part of the BLANCO UNIT drink.filter: choose a BLANCO drink.filter tap, a premium sink or bowl and an in-cabinet waste and organisation system to suit your lifestyle.

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drink.filter EVOL-S PRO


Pure enjoyment thanks to multi-stage filter technology.The drink.filter water system makes a small but distinct difference.

drink.filter EVOL-S Pro

Noticeably refined water and a clear conscience, all thanks to the drink.filter system. In addition to limescale, the BTW multi-stage filter installed in the base cabinet reduces the heavy metal and chlorine content. This not only improves the taste of the water, but also protects your kitchen appliances. Choose between filtered water and tap water as required. And enjoy added flexibility thanks to the pull-out spout.

Smart benefits at a glance:

  • Semi-professional mixer tap: cold, warm and filtered cold water
  • Delivering exactly the amount of filtered water you need
  • Intuitive measuring function and touch control for improved efficiency and reduced water consumption
  • Separate spout for purified drinking water can be used simultaneously with flexible spout
  • Market leading, high quality five-stage filtration system with DigiFlow meter
  • Dual spray on practical semi-professional flexible spout with precise magnetic holder

drink.filter FONTAS-S II


The drink.filter FONTAS-S features a pull-out spout that delivers hot and cold flow, plus filtered cold water via a separate pipe and nozzle, meaning filtered water instantly.


A multi-stage drink.filter water system ensures perfectly balanced drinking water with metals, calcium and other mains water contaminates removed. The spout allows flexible use around the sink, making it easy to fill household appliances like your kettle or coffee machine reservoir. Available in classic chrome or stunning stainless PVD Steel.

Smart benefits at a glance:

  • Unique 3 in 1 tap: cold, warm and filtered water out of a pull-out hose
  • Separate levers: cold and warm water right, filtered water left
  • Hygienic: water circuit with extra spout for filtered water
  • High-end BWT multi-stage filter reduces limescale and improves taste
  • Longer usage cycles thanks to higher filter capacity
  • Flowmeter displays exact filter capacity