Our supplier relationships

Long-term and reliable

We see our suppliers as important partners. They make an important contribution towards the performance of our company, thanks to their innovative strength, quality and reliability.

As partnership is always founded upon mutual trust, BLANCO strives for long-term and reliable relationships with its suppliers. This includes early involvement in development projects, among other things. Sourcing is conducted internationally, and we like working with regional suppliers over the long-term, too. Demanding but fair criteria apply to our retail trade. We also make sure that our suppliers comply with our ethical standards and guidelines.

Suppliers’ Portal

(Access for already registered suppliers)

(If you would like to become a supplier, please register here.)

Please note that the Suppliers’ Portal cannot be used with smartphones, tablets. etc.

Documentation for the Suppliers’ Portal

The Suppliers’ Portal provides existing and potential suppliers with a platform for communicating with BLANCO GmbH + Co KG. You can manage and edit your data and documentation in the portal, communicate directly with your buyer and exchange information. This provides a way for BLANCO to step up its partnership with its suppliers and integrate them further into internal processes.

Our procurement principles:

  • our relationships are based on mutual trust.
  • We strive for reliable, long-term relationships.
  • We evaluate the performance of our suppliers and lenders using demanding yet fair criteria.
  • We involve our suppliers in the development of our products and solutions at an early stage. Our procurement market is international.
  • We give special opportunities to competitive local suppliers.