A BLANCO UNIT is a seamless, fully integrated, kitchen water hub solution designed to make everyday life in the kitchen easier. The combination of a BLANCO sink, faucet, organization system and accessories streamlines how you operate in the kitchen and enhances your experience with water. Everything you need to drink, prep and clean is all in one place.​

Everything you need in one place​


Where the kitchen joy begins

The water place is one of the most active areas in any household kitchen. We spend over 60% of our kitchen time in this space performing a wide variety of tasks. So it plays a large part in the way we experience the entire kitchen. One of the main roles of the kitchen water place is as the source of water for drinking and cooking. In this function, ensuring water quality is the highest priority. So we use highquality materials and expert design. This area also plays a key role in supporting food preparation and cleaning, helping to keep us safe. The kitchen water place deserves only the most thoughtfully designed and integrated products that combine features to make tasks easier, more hygienic and more enjoyable. Our clever water place solutions combine high-quality components that are designed to work together. Create joy with a BLANCO UNIT at the heart of the kitchen.​

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Everyone needs to drink plenty of high-quality water, it’s crucial for our health and wellbeing. Water plays an essential role in kitchen life. BLANCO mixer taps are not only easy on the eye, thanks to premium design and coordinated materials, they are also hygienic, safe, and easy for the whole family to use. A BLANCO UNIT will provide you with a beautifully-designed mixer tap that is functional ans intelligent.​



Cooking can be lots of fun, but who doesn’t want to save time on food preparation? This is where the simple flows created by an integrated BLANCO UNIT, the many functions it can provide, and ingenious lifestyle accessories really prove their worth. Put your energy and focus into your next culinary masterpiece with the help of a BLANCO UNIT.



Everything about our UNITS has been thought through in detail. Above all is hygiene, and how easy it is to keep all the components clean. From stain and scratch resistant sink surfaces, to high-quality mixer tap finishes, right down to that no-go-area in the sink cabinet. Our waste management and organisation systems bring calm to the chaos under the sink, ideal for collecting or separating waste, for safely storing cleaning essentials or tidying away sink accessories.

Multi Frame

BLANCO Multi Frame II: Redefining Base Cabinet Organisation

Elevating kitchen organisation to new heights, the BLANCO Multi Frame II presents a sophisticated and ingenious solution for base cabinets, embodying the essence of smart and elegant design. Building upon the success of its predecessor, this system redefines flexibility in kitchen planning, ensuring both efficiency and convenience in daily use. Featuring a modular steel frame, it seamlessly integrates water treatment, waste management, and organisation solutions, catering to diverse needs and body heights. With 16 variants available, customisation is effortless, simplifying the ordering process. Moreover, its thoughtful design maximises space utilisation, with pre-installed Orga-Shelf and drawers offering additional storage options. Engineered with precision down to the last detail, the BLANCO Multi Frame II revolutionises base cabinet organisation, making installation a breeze while enhancing functionality and aesthetics.


BLANCO CHOICE: Personalised Water Experience

Introducing the BLANCO CHOICE water solution, where taste meets innovation, delivering a personalised water experience like never before. Anchored by the sleek and versatile BLANCO CHOICE Icona tap, this system offers a diverse range of water options, from filtered and chilled to sparkling and boiling, tailored to individual preferences. Seamlessly controlled via touch sensors and intuitive interfaces, the Icona tap embodies kitchen comfort and functionality, complemented by its striking design. Paired with the BLANCO CHOICE.All water treatment unit, this dynamic duo transforms the kitchen into a hub of pure water enjoyment, effortlessly integrated into the sink cabinet for optimal space utilisation. With smart features like Bluetooth connectivity and the BLANCO UNIT app, users can customise settings, monitor consumption, and streamline maintenance with ease. Embodying BLANCO's commitment to smart, sustainable solutions, the CHOICE water system epitomises excellence, enhancing kitchen life with every drop.

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