Introducing the BLANCO CHOICE, a versatile solution that offers limitless options to cater for every taste. Whether sparkling, boiling, filtered chilled, or unfiltered water, the BLANCO CHOICE puts it all at your fingertips. With its innovative features and space-saving installation, you can now customise your water experience effortlessly.

Immerse yourself with the ultimate freedom of choice and dispense water exactly the way you like it.

Sparkling, boiling, chilled, filtered or unfiltered water

with new BLANCO CHOICE, you’re in control of the limitless ways to enjoy water directly from your kitchen

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Water your way

Experience instant refreshment that is personalised to you with the BLANCO system, offering a comprehensive range of options including cold, hot, chilled, boiling, filtered, and sparkling water—all conveniently available in one place. You can precisely control the temperature, carbonation, or quantity to suit your preferences, and save up to four personal settings effortlessly through the BLANCO app.

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More with less

One comprehensive solution for all types of water can significantly streamline your kitchen needs, reducing the necessity for multiple products and freeing up both your worktop and fridge space. By integrating this solution, you could save up to 180 bottles of sparkling water annually.

*This is based on an expected usage of 180 litres of CO2 per year, which equates to three bottles on average.

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Clear the clutter

The compact water conditioning system is ingeniously designed to fit discreetly under the sink, making it an excellent choice for maximising available storage space in your kitchen. By occupying less than a quarter of the standard cabinet size, which is 600mm x 575mm x 890mm, it ensures that you can still make full use of your cabinet for other storage needs. This efficient use of space means that you do not have to sacrifice valuable storage area for the sake of installing a water conditioning system. Its compact design is perfect for maintaining an organised and clutter-free kitchen environment.

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Taste matters

Savour the difference with our unique water filtration system. It reduces limescale and impurities, ensuring that every drink looks and tastes better. The innovative 5-stage filtration cartridge provides outstanding protection against limescale and effectively reduces other particles that can impair smell and taste. Enjoy a superior drinking experience with clearer, purer water in every glass.

Water conditioning unit meets modern needs

The BLANCO CHOICE.All water conditioning unit providees water that is filtered and can be chilled, sparkling or boiling hot. It has intuitive operation through touch display on the box or in the BLANCO UNIT app for individualisation options.

The BLANCO CHOICE.All water conditioning unit comes equipped with essential components, including a Soft S drink filter, a CO2 cartridge for sparkling water, and a cleaning set for maintenance. For optimal performance and functionality, seamless integration with the CHOICE Icona tap is required. Together, these elements ensure a comprehensive and refined water experience in your kitchen.

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Customisable settings with the BLANCO UNIT app

The BLANCO UNIT app combines functionality and user customisation to enhance the overall user experience with BLANCO products.

With a focus on customisation, the BLANCO UNIT app allows you to tailor your preferences through personalised settings, ensuring that the app aligns seamlessly with your individual needs. The ability to initiate water flow remotely adds a layer of convenience, allowing users to start the flow before reaching the sink. The app also serves as a valuable resource by providing easy access to manuals, ensuring users have instant guidance on installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Additionally, the inclusion of statistics offers users insights into water usage patterns.

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BLANCO UNIT App for additional control

The BLANCO UNIT App offers intuitive operation of the BLANCO drink.system. There is soda and hot water individualization (setting of CO2 intensity and temperature) and easy pairing with the water conditioning unit in the sink cabinet. The app monitors your consumption of water, filter and CO2 cartridge.

Complete experience with The BLANCO UNIT

BLANCO UNIT combines with the CHOICE ICONA tap and water conditioning unit
BLANCO CHOICEunfolds its full potential as part of a complete BLANCO UNIT system. Together with a matching sink of the extensive BLANCO portfolio as well as BLANCO waste and organisation products, like a SELECT II Combi or Orga Shelf, the water place really becomes the convenient centre of your kitchen. The BLANCO UNIT is a complete solution that combines the functionality of a sink cabinet with the convenience of a water station. It has been designed to optimise the comfort, efficiency, and installation of modern kitchens. One of its standout features is its ability to make the best use of available space. The various elements of the BLANCO UNIT fit together seamlessly, creating a cohesive and unified design. This ensures that everything you need for your kitchen tasks is within easy reach, promoting a more efficient workflow. Whether you're looking for enhanced functionality or seeking to elevate the visual appeal of your kitchen space, the BLANCO UNIT combined with BLANCO CHOICE delivers on all fronts as a versatile water place solution.

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  • The dimensions of the water conditioning unit are 440 x 200 x 530 mm (H/W/D).

    In addition, space is required for the assembly of the safety group and the connection of the waste fitting to the sink. There is also space for hoses and power cables.

    The recommended cabinet depth for fitting a water conditioning unit (WCU) is 520mm. However, we highly suggest utilising the void behind the cupboard to accommodate the WCU. If you have any specific questions or need further assistance with installation, feel free to contact our customer support team for guidance.

  • 1.5 -2 hours of installation time, including the cleaning program which takes about 40 minutes.

  • The water inlet pressure is between 1 and 10 bar, the relative humidity is between 0 and 75%, the room and base cabinet temperature is between 16 and 43°C, and the water inlet temperature is between 5 and 30°C.

  • About 2 litres of boiling hot water can be drawn from the 3-litre boiler at a given time. After that, the temperature of the boiling water drops.

  • The safety concept of the tap is designed to prevent accidental activation of the hot water mode. To activate the hot water mode, you must push the outer ring towards the tap and turn it backwards by 2 clicks. The hot water mode will be activated for 8 seconds before returning to the previous mode, and it is not possible to dispense boiling water from the app. With the four customisation modes P1-P4, an additional step is required to activate the hot water mode. The hot water mode can be completely deactivated temporarily or permanently via the app.

  • The max. power consumption is 2,000W. The heating Power consumption is 1800 W. Cooling power consumption is 140 W. The power supply is 220-240 V AC/50 Hz.

  • No, a filter is required for the CHOICE.All, otherwise the system will not function.

  • It takes about 15 minutes for the boiler to heat up depending on the set temperature.

  • If the packaging is unopened, filters have no expiry date.

  • With a remaining capacity of 10% you get a message in the app and a yellow field is displayed on the tap.

    With a remaining capacity of 10% you get a message in the app and a red field is displayed on the tap.

    Even if the system is not used frequently, the filter must be changed at least every 6 months as part of the cleaning process.