Blanco Unit
BLANCO UNIT DRINK SYSTEMS. Everything you need, all in one place.

The BLANCO UNIT with a drink.system at its heart will help make the most of your kitchen sink area, transforming daily tasks into highlights. Drinks, food preparation and cleaning in a space designed to suit your style and lifestyle. Sink, tap and organisation or waste systems, combined with your choice of boiling water, filtered cold water, or both. Discover how BLANCO can make your kitchen life that little bit easier and create more time for what really matters.

It’s your choice

Which drinking water system meets your requirements? Which tap matches your needs? Which sink or bowl suits your taste? What can be done to organise that no-go-area under the sink?

The BLANCO UNIT with a drinking water system ensures a practical, beautiful, space-saving, timesaving, creative hub at the heart of your kitchen. Our wide range of options free you to design a water hub that is right for your style and your lifestyle. Follow the three steps below.

EVOL-S Pro Hot

STEP ONE: select your drink.system

Are you looking for instant true-100°C water, the highest quality cold filtered water, or perhaps you want both? Do you need a pull-out spray, want a semi-professional style? Are thinking about upgrading to a tap with an array of ingenious features such as dual spouts that work simultaneously, a measuring function that delivers precisely the amount of boiling or cold filtered water you need? Is safety an important factor in your decision whether to go for a boiling water tap or not? BLANCO have the right tap and drinking water system for you.

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STEP TWO: choose your sink or bowl

Our sinks and bowls are available in an array of different sizes, with a range of installation methods, colours and multi-functional solutions for every standard base cabinet. Whether you are creating a contemporary space and want the latest in undermount designs or stunning inset sinks with drainers, or if you want a farmhouse style bowl for a more traditional look – we have them all. Three high-quality materials also offer you the option of designing the BLANCO UNIT your way: Beautiful SILGRANIT® stone composite, timeless stainless steel or luxurious ceramic. The choice is yours.

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STEP THREE: waste less space

Where once was chaos, with BLANCO organisation and waste management systems, now order and calm reside. Whether you are looking to organise your cleaning products, store pet paraphernalia or sort your recycling, we have a system for you. In fact, some of our solutions will do all three while leaving space for more. Our range gives you options for most standard sized, hinged door or pull-out drawer cabinets. Our space-saving models, the SELECT II 60/2 Compact, BOTTON II 30/2 or SINGOLO range are ideally suited for use in the same unit as a BLANCO drinking water system.

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Ingenious accessories

At BLANCO, our goal is to make kitchen life easier every day. Over the years we have come to understand how the sink area gets used, what tasks we perform there and how to make those tasks simply more efficient. Our range of range of sink accessories add functionality and new levels of practicality for a BLANCO UNIT that is time saving, space-saving and a creative hob at the heart of your kitchen. From freely adjustable suspension rails, precisely fitting cutting boards, integrated soap dispensers and corner caddies to floating or folding grids. Our mission to make your life easier extends to our ingenious kitchen accessories, too.

All in one UNIT

Did you know we spend more than half of our time in the kitchen at the sink? After all, the sink area that we call 'the water hub' is where we fill our glasses, prepare food, rinse dishes, store cleaning products and separate the recycling. So, it's even more important to ensure that things happen quickly and efficiently here. Ideally you wouldn't want to have to use different areas for different tasks. Having everything at easy reach and components work together smoothly is key. Daily cooking, preparation and even cleaning becomes simply easy, saving you space, energy and time and making those essential daily tasks an absolute breeze.

All your kitchen tasks in one place. The BLANCO UNIT helps make the most of your kitchen sink area, transforming daily tasks into highlights.