BLANCOCULINA-S II emerges as a success story in modern kitchens, transforming the iconic BLANCOCULINA-S into an innovative semi-professional tap. It redefines kitchen elegance, functionality and tap design for the modern home chef. It boasts sophisticated dark inlays on the operating lever and tap body. The enhanced understated elegance of the shower holder adds a distinctive touch. This effortlessly complements various interior styles, elevating the essence of the kitchen water place. Available in a range of stunning metal finishes, including PVD steel, black matt, satin dark steel, and satin platinum, the BLANCOCULINA II offers full-size semi-professional or space-efficient mini versions, catering to diverse kitchen layouts. These timeless designs seamlessly integrate functionality into beautiful form, showcasing high-quality manufacturing and impeccable finishes. The BLANCOCULINA II Sensor versions feature advanced touchless sensors. A wave of the hand initiates a constant, slightly reduced water flow, perfect for handwashing and food preparation. These timeless designs are a testament to high-quality manufacturing and impeccable finishes, seamlessly integrating functionality into beautiful form. Whether you go for the full-size or mini, with or without a sensor, this semi-pro mixer tap stands out in the kitchen. Paired with a matching bowl and waste or Food Waste Disposer solution in the base cabinet as part of a BLANCO UNIT, it adds both style and functionality to any kitchen water place.