Drinking water systems from BLANCO turns the standard tap water from your kitchen mixer tap into refined drinking water exactly as you want it. Save yourself unnecessary time and effort in the kitchen and free up more time for doing the things you love. All BLANCO drinking water systems consist of a mixer tap and a control unit with a multi-stage filter that nestle in the base cabinet beneath the sink.

The drink.hot system is part of the BLANCO UNIT drink.hot: choose a BLANCO boiling water tap, a premium sink or bowl and an in-cabinet waste and organisation system to suit your lifestyle.

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drink.hot EVOL-S PRO


EVOL-S Pro drink.hot semi-professional 4-in-1 mixer tap gives you an exact amount of 100⁰C filtered or perfectly filtered cold water at the touch of a button.

drink.hot EVOL-S Pro

The only semi-professional mixer tap on the market that combines filtered boiling hot water and filtered cold water with simple volume control dial and push activation: the drink.hot cuts back on boiling time and ensures pure refreshment with filtered water.

Simply measured.

Choose between boiling filtered (red) or cold filtered (blue) with the control wheel, tap the dial and the drink.hot EVOL-S Pro will deliver the volume of filtered boiling or cold water that you need.

Smart benefits at a glance:

  • 4-in-1 semi-pro mixer tap: cold, warm and filtered cold and filtered boiling water
  • Delivering exactly the amount of cold or boiling filtered water you need
  • Intuitive measuring function and touch control for improved efficiency and reduced water consumption
  • Separate insulated spout for purified drinking and boiling water
  • Both spouts can be used simultaneously
  • Super-hygienic Titanium boiler and five-stage filtration system with DigiFlow meter
  • Dual spray on practical semi-professional flexible spout with precise magnetic holder

drink.hot EVOL-S Pro black matt


As the already popular trend for black fixtures, fittings, surfaces and kitchen themes grows ever-stronger... BLANCO are proud to introduce the drink.hot EVOL-S Pro in black matt. Building on the success of the already striking PVD Steel version, the new black matt finish takes the EVOL to a new level of sophistication.

Black in interior design can be used to subtly harmonise with dark themes, to frame and ground bold colour choices or to add moments of impact in lighter, brighter spaces. The drink.hot EVOL-S Pro black matt means, if you want a black tap to suit your style, you don't have to compromise on feature, functions or the benefits to your lifestyle.

drink.hot TAMPERA


TAMPERA drink.hot water system is a specification-busting 3-in-1, multi-stage filtered, true-boiling water tap. Engineered to be better, with safety at its core.


Everything about the TAMPERA drink.system is quality. From the 100⁰C filtered water to the build quality, from the expertly engineered 4 litre titanium boiler and digital control feature to the anti-spray boiling water flow, insulated spout and child-safe auto-off control lever.

Smart benefits at a glance:

  • 3-in-1 mixer tap: 100% boiling, cold and warm water out of one tap
  • Separate levers incl. safety button for boiling water
  • 4-litre hot water boiler made of highly resistant and tasteless titanium - ideal in combination with SELECT Compact waste system
  • 100°C water in a controlled jet through an aerator that reduces spray to protect your hands
  • High-end BWT multi-stage filter reduces limescale and improves taste
  • Insulated spout that doesn't get hot to the touch
  • Digital Flowmeter displays exact filter capacity with audible alert system