How convenient single-lever mixers make working in the kitchen easier

How convenient single-lever mixers make working in the kitchen easier

Single-lever mixers are an indispensable feature of modern kitchens, with one grasp, you can control both the water temperature and the flow. This is both practical and saves you time and water. Here we explain the advantages of single-lever mixer taps, what role the ceramic cartridge plays and how best to position the control lever.

Advantages of single-lever mixer taps

Single-lever mixers are becoming increasingly popular. You can set both the water flow and the temperature using just one hand. This makes this mixer tap a cut above its traditional two-handle counterparts. And the easy control isn’t the only advantage.

Two-handle mixer taps are also less efficient than single-lever mixers

Although the single-lever mixer was invented for kitchen use in the 1940s, it took several decades for it to really take off. In some countries, such as Ireland, the two-handle mixer tap is still found all over the place, with one rotary switch for hot water and another for cold. The user would get the water to the temperature and flow they wanted by turning the two rotary switches a little or a lot. This was laborious and took time.

Lower water consumption

Single-lever mixers use much less water compared to two-handle mixer taps. As it takes less time to set the temperature, less unused water ends up flowing straight down the drain with a single-lever mixer tap. This is good news for the environment – and your water bill!

Large range of designs

Last but not least: Single-lever mixers for kitchen use often come in a wide range of looks. As they are so widespread, there is a vast array of models, designs and styles. As such, you’ll be able to select the right single-lever mixer tap for almost any style of kitchen, whether it’s minimalistic, industrial style or farmhouse style.

The ceramic cartridge is the centrepiece of a single-lever mixer tap.

How the ceramic cartridge works

To ensure that single-lever mixer taps can make the most of the aforementioned advantages, they require one component above all others: the ceramic cartridge inside the mixer tap. This makes it possible to control the mixing ratio of cold and warm water using just a single lever.
The whole thing works like this: The ceramic cartridge consists of two ceramic discs, each with three holes: one for cold water, another for warm water, and the third for a mixed flow.

Attaching the lever

For optimum convenience in the kitchen, you should pay attention to the position of the lever when installing your single-lever mixer tap. The type of mixer tap and your personal preferences will play an important role in this.

The mixer tap with a mid-height control lever is suitable for both left- and right-handed users.

Single-hole mixer tap with mid-height control lever:

in the case of a single-hole mixer tap, the whole tap comes through only one whole in the worktop. This means that the control lever forms a combined unit with the outflow. Often, the lever lies in the middle above the tap, e.g. AMBIS. In this case, as the control lever is easy to reach from both sides, this mixer tap is a good solution for kitchens used by other left- and right-handers.

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With LINUS, the control lever can be attached according to how you use it

Single-hole mixer taps with side-mounted control lever:

There are also single-hole mixer taps with the lever branching off from the mixer tap to the left or right, e.g. LINUS. These mixer taps are particularly suitable for households in which kitchen tasks are mainly carried out by the same person. For instance, left-handers could make kitchen tasks more comfortable by attaching the lever on ‘their’ side.

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Our recommendation:

Before you decide whether to get a single-hole or two-hole mixer tap and opt for a particular control lever position, think about how you will use it. This way, you will be sure to enjoy your practical single-lever mixer tap for many years to come.

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