The new stainless steel surface will delight anyone who loves the coolly elegant look of stainless steel and also appreciates a tough and durable surface. Durinox is distinctive for its velvety-matte look and pleasant feel, while also being impervious to scratches and fingerprints. Thanks to its special surface texture, Durinox Stainless steel is easy to clean and care for.

Zerox sink with a Durinox surface

Velvety look. Soft feel.

With its velvety-matte surface structure, Durinox exudes warmth, style and rare sophistication. As such, its look and feel make it a kitchen highlight. Whether it's installed as a simple straight-lined sink bowl mounted stylishly beneath a granite kitchen worktop, or an imposing stainless steel worktop fitted to your exact size requirements, the high-quality look of this elegant surface gives hardly any indication of the purely functional origins of stainless steel in professional kitchens.

Weld-in bowl Claron

Uniquely characterful.

In addition to the better-known benefits of stainless steel, Durinox wins points for its outstanding functionality: this material is as resistant as they come. The sink's surface is not only more resistant against scratches from everyday household use, it is also impervious to fingerprints. For day-to-day maintenance, all you need is water and a sponge or a damp microfibre cloth.

Stainless steel balls used in the Durinox production process

High-speed blasting at over 300 km/h

During the process for producing the Durinox surface, 1 billion minuscule stainless steel balls are blasted at a speed of almost 300 km/h into a stainless steel sheet only 1 mm thick. The result is highly impressive: the blasted stainless steel is over twice as hard as conventional stainless steel surfaces, and has a distinctive, particularly elegant look. As a result, we have filed a patent for the entire process.

How is the Durinox surface actually manufactured?

The new Durinox stainless steel surface is made with shot-peening or -blasting technology, as used in the aerospace industry. At BLANCO, we have put a lot of effort into developing this technology and adapting it to the specific requirements of stainless steel to be used in the kitchen.

Three stainless steel surfaces in comparison

Pure stainless steel

The velvety-matte stainless steel surface created with this blasting process has the highest degree of hardness of any pure, uncoated stainless steel surface. And it’s not just the skin-deep. Durinox isn’t simply a surface coating. Instead, the 1 mm-thick stainless steel sheet has been hardened all the way through, due to being blasted from both sides. The Durinox surface is blasted over several production runs until the material has the desired hardness and appearance.