Which material would be best for my sink?

Stainless steel, Silgranit or Ceramic?

Which sink material works for you

It is in constant use. Washing lettuce, tomatoes or cucumber. Rinsing out bowls and pots in between meals. Washing your hands. So it goes on.
Your sink puts up with a lot. It has to be robust. And easy to look after. Some are glossy, others are matte. Some will match the tones of your overall kitchen design, while others will create a contrast. They are an eye-catching feature in your kitchen.
Which material is easy and straightforward to keep clean? Stainless steel, Silgranit or Ceramic? Which one should I choose? Which material is recommended?

Tried and tested? Long live my sink!

Sheer quality is one thing that applies to all three materials. After all, you spend years working at your kitchen sink. Your sink will continue to delight for a very long time, no matter whether you opt for Stainless steel, Silgranit or Ceramic.
A BLANCO sink cannot be dispatched to you until it has passed a series of final checks. Products made by BLANCO stand for proven quality. Our employees test your sink several times while it is still being made. Where does a sink come into most contact with water? How should the material in those places be treated so that it can cope with this continuous contact and remain looking good?
Does the shape fit into your worktop exactly? We want your sink to fit properly in place – exactly straight and tight.
What makes one material better than another? Nothing. All three are outstanding. It’s up to you which one you choose.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel worktop in a wooden interior style

Overall colour-matching

Do you like a bit of gloss in your kitchen? Are your fronts deep red? Perhaps you prefer a more puristic, clean design in white? Or do you like warm wood tones? Stainless steel is colour-neutral. So it always looks the part. And goes with everything.

Stainless steel sink under production

In practically every shape and size

Go to the corner. Sure thing. Stainless steel is incredibly malleable. Square with clean edges, rounded or circular – everything is possible. Do you have a small kitchen? A large single bowl is a visual highlight. Of course, small works too. Or would you prefer having two sink bowls? You decide. Stainless steel gives you the choice.

Stainless steel sink in Durinox

Anti-scratch brushed finish

Lots of things get better with age. Stainless steel is one of them. The surface of the material renews itself. Day by day. You’ll notice scratches on your sink. It’s only natural. These are part of the overall look. The longer you use your sink, the more robust it will become. We also conduct testing for you. That’s how we came up with the extremely robust Durinox Stainless steel. This puts up resistance. Even against most scratches.

Stainless steel sinks on the assembly line

A variety of looks, consistent quality

Glossy, brushed, linen-look or matte? The quality of the material is consistently high, while the looks differ – Stainless steel comes with different surfaces. The matte versions – in linen-look and natural finish – are untreated. These surfaces are less smooth. As a result, limescale settles more easily here than on polished sinks, although their finish means that they also hide slight traces of wear. If stainless steel is polished, it shines. Polishing gives it a modern look with a special gloss and uniform surface that is easy to clean.

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Silgranit PuraDur

Granite composite sinks like our Silgranit models add colour to your kitchen. In addition, it is extremely easy to maintain and resistant. And it simply always feels good. Thanks to its velvety-matte surface, a Silgranit sink makes a great alternative to Stainless steel showpieces, thus creating a harmonious two-tone highlight when combined with many worktops.

smooth, warm Silgranit sink

Feels good

Cool and warm all at once. That’s quite all right. Smooth, but not too smooth. Just enough for the material to resist dirt and scratches. Silky-soft stone. We are constantly testing, checking and improving. We’re always on the lookout for ways to make you even happier with your sink. How does a Silgranit sink feel? Is it rough? Or almost velvety? Could it be a bit smoother?

Colourful, like life itself

Colourful, like life itself

Champagne, nutmeg, coffee, tartufo – it’s a good thing that we don’t all have the same taste. The same goes for colours. So it’s just as well that Silgranit PuraDur sinks come in lots of colour variations. We are making constant developments in this area, too. Bubbles, unsightly colour effects and patterning are simply not allowed. We listen to what you have to say. And adapt accordingly. So the jasmine shade has become a little lighter, while alu metallic is now a bit brighter. All Silgranit PuraDur colours are sustainable and long-lasting, even if they are subjected to intense sunlight. You’ll be enjoying your sink for a long time to come.

Resistant Silgranit

It resists

Water is slippery. Think of how fast a pot can slip from your grasp while you're rinsing it. A Silgranit PuraDur sink must be able to withstand that sort of thing. You might be cutting up fruit over the sink. Lemons, for instance. The material cannot be scratched, so no acid can seep into it, and bacteria don’t stand a chance as a result. Silgranit is dense. And resistant.

Easy-care Silgranit


Silgranit is a special mixture of different composite materials specially developed by us. The high proportion of granite makes your sink tough, which the very fine-pored surface doesn’t let anything through. This special combination of properties protects it from environmental influences – they simply have no effect. This is down to the material mixture. The material remains clean. Dirt may lie on its surface, but it cannot penetrate. One wipe, and it's all gone. Dry it with a microfibre cloth, and you’re done.

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Traditional, sturdy and impressive, with every sink one of a kind. Ceramic has been around for a long time. The material, which is also famously used for lavatory sink and bathtubs, offers a clean design, with no unnecessary flourishes or gimmicks.

Ceramic sink in creamy colour

Gloss or matte

Every Ceramic sink is one of a kind. We test and check and optimise them. How can you improve upon the glaze to ensure that your sink will remain gorgeously glossy for years to come? The sealed PuraPlus surface also makes Ceramic sinks extremely impermeable and easy to clean. The sink in matte white is particularly eye-catching and showcases the immense versatility of a Ceramic sink.

Ceramic sink with two bowls


Rounded or square? The mixture of clay and various other materials allows a whole array of different versions. With clay, you can have a sink with one bowl or two. Particularly large, deep bowls are popular in ceramic, especially as farmhouse-style sinks.

Richly coloured Ceramic sinks

Traditional or modern

Ceramic is traditional. With a farmhouse-style sink, the material brings a certain country-house charm to your kitchen. A ceramic sink makes a contrasting feature in your kitchen, with its modern take on a classic look.

Seeing beyond the black and white

Seeing beyond the black and white

Do you want your sink to fit into your overall concept or provide a colour contrast with your cabinet fronts? Play around with it! Ceramic also brings colour into play when it comes to choosing the mixer tap, with colour-coordinated mixer taps. They come in a variety of black and white shades. Or perhaps you’d prefer colour coordination with your worktop? In that case, you can combine your worktop with a coloured ceramic sink of your choice.


There’s your sink, in all its glossy glory. It doesn’t let anything through. No stains or bacteria. Thanks to the sealed surface, it only takes one wipe to get rid of anything. Would you prefer a matte look? That works, too. With regular care and deep cleaning, ceramic will remain radiantly beautiful for a long time. And always hygienically clean, too.

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