Blending aesthetics and functionality, BLANCO has launched the new ADIRA sink family. It combines practicality with remarkable versatility, meeting all kinds of requirements in the kitchen. The sink enhances water usage workflows and streamlines daily tasks. The ADIRA folding grid, serving as a cutlery dryer or worktop coaster, along with the multifunctional colander, optimizes workflow, contributing to a more efficient kitchen setup. Made from hard-wearing and durable Silgranit®, the sink is available in eight stunning colour options, ranging from cozy coffee brown and energetic anthracite to soft tartufo and warm volcanic grey. The BLANCO ADIRA comes in different sizes, depending on the cabinet dimensions and requirements, making it possible to fit a wide variety of kitchens, from small to spacious. One compelling aspect of selecting the BLANCO ADIRA is its compatibility with a coordinated mixer tap and waste system, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive kitchen water place solution when paired with the BLANCO UNIT. It is important to note that for optimal benefits, we recommend using a BLANCO tap and organization or waste system with the UNIT.