Where to buy

There are loads of different ways that you can buy BLANCO products. While we don't sell directly to consumers, we work closely with over 3000 kitchen showroom's, furniture retailers and merchants across the UK. You can find your near-by retailers with our Dealer locator. We also sell through a network of specialist and home ware online retailers.

Sink accessories

What turns a tap and a sink into a time-saving, space saving, creative hub at the heart of the kitchen? Cleverly designed sink accessories. From caddy's, foldable grids and cutting boards to colanders - our collection of ingenious accessories can be purchased from here.

Replacements, upgrades & DIY

If you are looking to buy a sink, tap, drinking water system, in-cabinet organisers or a complete BLANCO UNIT you will find our merchant retail partners on our dealer locator or, for our online retailer partners, visit Where to buy online.

Full kitchen renovations

Our partner network of independent and national kitchen studios can be found on the dealer locator with a simple postcode search. Showroom space can often be limited but our network have access to our full product portfolio, so be sure to check out our products on our website and ask your local design studios what they have on display before visiting.

BLANCO showroom

Although we don't sell directly to consumers, we do have a large purpose built showroom on the outskirts of St. Albans where you are welcome to visit. We display a large section of our range at the BLANCO Showroom; all of the finishes, materials, colours and installation options. You can book an appointment to visit us here.

Spare parts

Accidentally throw away your sink strainer? It happens more than you think! Or perhaps your tap is a few years old and needs a new ceramic cartridge in the mixer lever? Or maybe you have upgraded to a BLANCO drinking water system and need a replacement long-life filter cartridge - whatever you need, you'll probably find it here.