How can I get the sink outlet clean?

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A clean drain in a stainless steel sink
A clean drain in a stainless steel sink

The basket strainer is one of the hardest working components in any kitchen. Why? Given that a household will run the water in the kitchen around 75 times a day, then the drain and the strainer basket are in considerable demand. Nothing escapes them. And if the sink material is easy to clean and well cared for, any food leftovers will collect and get caught in the drain. Of course, dirt also gets trapped here and will need to be cleaned away. We give you our best tips for cleaning the drain and the basket strainer.

How to clean a drain with a plug

Not all kitchen sink drains are alike. In very simple sinks, the drain still has a plug that allows you to stopper the bowl.

A sink waste kit that includes a drain plug that is firmly screwed in place and closed with a plug. This mostly rubber stopper can be cleaned with 10-per cent vinegar solution and can be prevented from becoming porous with a little glycerine.

The rest of the drain can also be regularly cleaned with a 1:10 mixture of vinegar and water. It can also be scrubbed with a paste made out of baking soda or powder if it is very soiled. A worn-out toothbrush or a small bottle brush are recommended for the tiny openings.

How to get your basket strainer clean again

A waste kit that includes a basket strainer has two advantages over simpler versions with a plug. For one thing, the drain basket can be removed, making it much easier to clean. What’s more, this type of waste kit can be supplemented with a pop-up element. This allows you to open and close the drain via remote control.

Our secret remedy for a clean drain

This simple remedy gets rid of even stubborn dirt from your basket strainer and every last nook and cranny of your sink. And the great thing is that it only takes a few minutes! It requires three things that you’ll already have plenty of at home.

  • 250 ml hot water
  • 1 tsp dishwasher cleaning powder
  • Scrubbing brush for dishes
  • plus rubber gloves, if required

1. Boil 250 ml water in the kettle.
2. Leave the boiling water to cool for a moment, until you can no longer hear a simmering noise.
3. Sprinkle a level teaspoonful of dishwasher cleaning powder onto the closed drain cup that holds the basket insert. Pour over the water and leave to work for approximately 30 seconds.
4. Then scrub the strainer insert and the edges of the drain cup with the brush (30 seconds will generally be long enough). Open up the drain cup, let the cleaning water run out and remove the cleaned strainer insert.
5. Now scrub the perforated openings of the drain cup with the brush.
6. Put the strainer insert back into the drain cup and rinse with clean water.

Caution! People with sensitive skin should wear protective rubber gloves when performing this cleaning task.