Small format, big capacity

The BLANCO SELECT Compact 60/2 for low installation depths

Kitchen cupboard space is at a premium. Waste management systems are often housed in the base cabinet beneath the sink, but here they often have to compete with other installations for space. Base cabinets can get very crowded in buildings with a decentralised hot water supply via a low-pressure boiler, or if flow heaters or filtering systems are installed. Blanco has designed a new waste system for precisely such eventualities. In a reduced 320 mm model, the Select Compact 60/2 makes the perfect solution for low installation depths, and thus ideally suited to Blanco’s new smart mixer taps.

BLANCO Select Compact is specially designed for the needs of BLANCO Smart mixer taps

Despite its compact dimensions, the new Select solution offers a generous receptacle volume: each of the two bins has a 17-litre capacity. All of the established Select benefits, such as a funnel rim, or the ergonomically designed bin handle, which does not fold down when in the raised position, can also be found in the new model. This modern waste system also comes with a pull-off coated metal cover. Like all of the system components, this is very hygienic and easy to clean. It can also be used to store dishwashing utensils. The sturdy rail system can be mounted quickly and ensures smooth and quiet operation.

Small size but big capacity: all of the popular Select benefits.
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