The ultimate in refreshment with filter mixer taps


Water-lovers will be thrilled: Blanco is set to offer filtered drinking water straight from the tap with its three new mixer taps. This marks an end to the era of dragging pallets of water bottles around or bemoaning the limescale in your coffee machine, and the dawn of a new age, with pure, refreshing drinking water straight from your mixer tap. The Blanco Fontas-S II Filter is the first mixer tap worldwide with a pull-out spout, thus offering lots of extra manoeuvrability around the sink. This additional feature comes in handy on a day-to-day basis, not least when filling up your coffee machine or glass pitcher in the morning.

The Blanco Fontas-S II Filter is a world first – the first filter mixer tap with a pull-out spout.

Drinking water is considered to be one of the best controlled foodstuffs, and is of very high quality throughout Germany. However, keen tea- and coffee-drinkers and those who drink tap water know that water hardness varies from place to place, and there are also trace elements that have an impact on the taste experience. The high-quality BWT multi-stage filter built into the base cabinet cleans the tap water of any fine particles, such as sand or metal, which could affect the taste. It also reduces the amount of calcium and chlorine for a perfect drinking experience. What’s more, your cup of tea or coffee will no longer be marred by streaks of limescale.

Another advantage of having a filter mixer tap in the kitchen is that thanks to the purified mains water, there is less limescale in coffee machines, kettles and other kitchen appliances, which can extend their lifespan. The cartridge for the mixer tap is also protected, as even the finest particles are kept out.

Ultimate drinking refreshment thanks to the Blanco Fontas-S II Filter
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