Precise measuring ensures perfect results when baking

Get the exact amount of water you need with the BLANCO EVOL-S Volume

The Blanco Evol-S Volume smart mixer tap allows you to measure out even the smallest amounts of water, with it's measuring cup function that can be operated intuitively. The rotary knob, which features a finely graduated scale from 100 millilitres to 5 litres, is first used to select the required amount. Then you simply touch the side-mounted sensor-based control, and the Evol-S Volume dispenses the exact amount of water requested. This practical extra function removes the need for a separate measuring cup, as well as eliminating eschewing unnecessary water consumption, thus saving both resources and money.

Blanco Evol-S Volume allows you to measure out even small amounts of water.

This beautifully designed kitchen mixer tap is also equipped with a dynamic water flow control system, which ensures that the greater the amount of water required, the more powerful and quicker the flow. This shortens the time that you need to wait while filling up a large watering can, for instance. The Evol-S Volume is designed as a 3-in-1 mixer tap and offers not only a carefully designed measuring cup function with intuitive touch operation, but also warm and cold water via a separate mixer lever.

In addition, the pull-out spout is highly practical, as it significantly increases the mixer tap’s operating radius – very convenient when cleaning the sink, for instance, or filling up a large vessel. The mixer lever for warm and cold water is always in the starting position for cold water, in order to prevent you from inadvertently running the hot water.

The Evol-S Volume comes in two surface finishes that allow you to match it to your sink and worktop: chrome or stainless finish UltraResist.

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