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Unveiled at Germany’s Kuchen Meile exhibition, BLANCO has announced the launch of CHOICE.ALL, the first drink system of its kind to be available in the UK.

The new BLANCO CHOICE.ALL offers two types of sparkling water (filtered medium sparkling and fully sparkling water), as well as filtered still water (boiling water and chilled, with adjustable temperature levels) plus unfiltered hot and cold tap water.

A compact design offers plenty of space for various base cabinet equipment. Variety of taste and comfort can be easily individualized with the BLANCO UNIT app.

The new two-jet CHOICE ICONA semi-professional tap features an intuitive touch control, with a colour coded LED light ring to indicate boiling, still and sparkling preferences. Thanks to the app, it is also possible to save favourite water temperature and volume settings to return to at the press of a button.

The CHOICE ICONA tap will be available in brushed stainless steel, satin dark steel, black matt and satin gold, ensuring that, as ever, BLANCO offers a breadth of colourways to complement any kitchen design.

Meanwhile, the CHOICE.ALL water conditioning unit features a state-of-the-art boiler supplying hot water from 65°C to 100°C, a water filter with chilled temperatures from 5°C to 10°C and CO2 cylinder for sparkling water. Engineered with a compact, space-saving design, the system is housed in a compartment which holds all elements making it easier than ever to plumb in under the sink and setup.

For the first time, the CHOICE.ALL is also accompanied by a BLANCO UNIT app, connected to any smartphone via Bluetooth, meaning users can programme the drink system to their individual requirements. This will include the CO2 intensity of medium and fully sparkling water, adjusted filter capacity depending on water hardness in your area, the type of water, the temperature and volume in millilitres. The app also simplifies maintenance, guides you through the cleaning mode, displays daily consumption statistics, provides information on filter and CO2 capacity, and alerts you if these become too low. The app also offers step-by-step animated instructions for the use and maintenance of the system. Both the filter and CO2cylinder are seamless to replace thanks to an easy opening front cover, and the app also offers a convenient repurchase option, as well as connecting to customer support if needed.

The BLANCO CHOICE.ALL will be introduced to the trade in BLANCO’s 2024 catalogue, along with full product information and prices. This winter, the CHOICE.ALL drink system will also be available to see first-hand at BLANCO’s Brand Experience Centre in St Albans and customers will be offered demonstrations, training and consultative services.


Optimal use of space

Sink, tap, water treatment unit, and organisational systems in the base cabinet provide a comprehensive solution for modern kitchen needs. Seamlessly integrated into the heart of the culinary space, these elements elevate functionality while maintaining an aesthetic appeal that complements contemporary design trends. Additionally, the inclusion of advanced organisational features ensures that every utensil and ingredient finds its place, promoting efficiency and ease of use in the culinary workspace.


Instantly dispense boiling hot water in your preferred quantity with the simple touch of a button, revolutionizing your kitchen experience. Say goodbye to waiting for kettles to boil or fussing with temperature settings – the BLANCO CHOICE.ALL ensures precise control and efficiency, catering to your exact needs with unparalleled convenience. Whether brewing the perfect cup of tea or swiftly preparing hot dishes, enjoy effortless access to boiling water at your fingertips, enhancing both comfort and productivity in the heart of your home.

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