Reduce limescale and preserve the environment. If you live in a hard water area and struggle with limescale, the use of a water filter tap reduces - and in some cases removes - limescale in and around your kitchen tap. Limescale is caused when tap water evaporates, leaving calcium carbonate behind. Water filter taps not only remove a majority of calcium carbonate from water, but other harmful toxins and chemicals ensuring you have the freshest water available. More importantly, buying bottled water is not only expensive long term, but is also incredibly harmful to the environment.

Water Filter Taps from BLANCO help you save money and the environment...

In the UK, we consume over 7 billion single-use plastic water bottles every year. The environmental costs are significant as plastic can take anywhere between 450 and 1,000 years to decompose.

Buying bottled water is not only expensive long term, but is also incredibly harmful to the environment.

The BLANCO filter tap range represents one of the most efficient kitchen water filter systems available..

Each tap can process up to 6000 litres of filtered water before the filter cartridge needs replacing

Annual running costs are approximately £70 (excluding the initial outlay of the kitchen tap ) therefore the cost per litre of fresh filtered drinking water is less than 1p.

Why waste money on bottled water when you can have filtered water on tap?

How does it work?

The water filter tap draws cold water directly from the cold water mains supply and sends it through the filter, processing it directly from the source so you will have a constant flow of fresh filtered water to your kitchen sink.

With a diverter valve (or filtered water control), the water is isolated from the regular hot and cold domestic water supply, ensuring that the high-quality filtered drinking water is kept separate at all times.

The water filter cartridge is designed to dispense a large volume of fresh filtered water, up to 6000 litres (before replacing the cartridge).

Fontas S Tap

BLANCO Filter taps

Our filter taps require a standard 35mm tap hole and can be installed in the same way as a standard monobloc tap; either as part of new kitchen or retro-fitted. No additional plumbing services are required.

A single control at the base of the kitchen tap releases the fresh filtered water. The supply is completely isolated from the regular hot and cold water supply ensuring that the high quality of the filtered water is maintained at all times.

The taps operate between 1.0 and 1.5bar water pressure. While lesser pressure will not affect the flow of the filtered water, taps operating below 1.0bar may not be able to guarantee a high flow of hot water.

Our BLANCO FILTRA Pro water filter kitchen tap is designed to complement every style of kitchen.


Water filter cartridge

The filter is a heavy metal model that has been developed in the UK especially for UK water systems. The cartridge filters standard tap water to provide an endless supply of clear, refreshing, high quality drinking water directly to your kitchen sink.

The water filter is genuinely bacteriostatic. Even at the end of its life, the water filter shows no increase in bacteria. The water filter is easy to change and can be ordered from BLANCO Services.

For more information about BLANCO Filter taps please contact your local dealer.