How to choose a BLANCO UNIT​

Seamlessly combined sink, tap and integrated cabinet organization

In kitchen planning, tailor spaces to match household lifestyles. From cooking enthusiasts to chefs, our kitchens are cherished hubs. Explore our diverse designs for a seamless, joyful experience. BLANCO offers smart, sustainable solutions backed by our market-leading reputation since 1925. Discover the ideal BLANCO UNIT—a seamless, fully integrated kitchen water hub designed to make everyday life easier.

The key role of the water hub

The busiest area in the kitchen is the water place, where we spend over 60% of our kitchen time. Although usage varies, we all generally view the water place as having certain important roles: as the clean-barrier to eliminate dirt and bacteria from food ingredients and kitchenware, the hand-washing station, the drink area (either fresh water or to be boiled e.g. for tea), the clean source of cooking water and as a disposal area for food waste and liquids.


Planning a kitchen

Kitchen planning starts with people. From eager foodies to gourmet chefs, we all actively use kitchens and appreciate them as the heart of our homes. We are all different, but we all want to enjoy the time we spend in the kitchen.​Detailed measurements and an understanding of access points for water, drainage and power supply are critical parts of the kitchen planning process. Every kitchen has three areas: the water place, the cooking area (oven and hob) and storage (cabinets and refrigerator). Together they form the work triangle. When defining these three spaces, try to make the distance between them as short as possible to optimise workflow and increase safety.​

Choose your blanco unit

Start with a Sink

There are strong trends in kitchen design for various sink styles, but the decision should be made based on how the water hub will be used. Single bowls are great to provide greater worktop area, while double bowls help to separate tasks. Drainers can be a great feature too and can be used as a fixed element or as an accessory, for occasional use. With so many great options, it helps to take a few minutes to consider your priorities, and how you will use the space.

Choose your BLANCO sink

Tap styles, features and finishes​

Our high-quality mixer taps are all safe, easy to use and durable. But they can do even more – we offer complete drinking systems for filtered cold, boiling or sparkling water directly from the spout. Or a semi-pro tap that easily reaches all corners of the sink, or a powerful spray with two different spray patterns. We even have taps for installation in front of a window.

Choose your BLANCO tap
Waste System

Focus on the taste, not the waste​

The combination of a BLANCO tap and sink has benefits that will last a lifetime, but to truly make the most of this area, you must organize it! This in-cabinet space has great potential for organisation, keeping cleaning products out of sight but close by and space for separating waste. Having an integrated waste system below the sink eliminates walking through the kitchen with dirty hands and waste, preventing potential spills. It also means having a clean, flexible solution right where it’s needed. So after disposing of food cuttings, you just wash your hands and keep on working. So easy!

Choose your BLANCO waste system

Enhance with functional accessories​

Find the right accessories that support the way you will use your kitchen. Enhance your UNIT with a soap dispenser, a strong cutting board that can be placed over the sink or a foldable grid and create a seamless workflow experience. Accessories will help customize a UNIT to meet special needs.

Choose your BLANCO accessories
Multi Frame

BLANCO Multi Frame II: Redefining Base Cabinet Organisation

Revolutionising kitchen storage, the BLANCO Multi Frame II offers a sleek solution for base cabinets, blending intelligence with refined design. With a modular steel frame, it integrates water treatment, waste management, and organisation seamlessly, catering to diverse needs. Customisable with 16 variants, it simplifies planning and maximises space. Paired with the BLANCO CHOICE water solution, featuring the versatile Icona tap, it delivers a tailored water experience. Controlled via touch sensors and the BLANCO UNIT app, it embodies smart, sustainable living, enhancing kitchen functionality and aesthetics.


BLANCO CHOICE: Personalised Water Experience

Introducing BLANCO CHOICE, where taste meets innovation, delivering a bespoke water experience. Anchored by the sleek Icona tap, it offers filtered, chilled, sparkling, and boiling water options. Paired with the CHOICE.All treatment unit, it transforms kitchens into havens of water enjoyment. With Bluetooth connectivity and the BLANCO UNIT app, users can customise settings and monitor consumption easily. Embodying BLANCO's commitment to intelligent solutions, CHOICE enhances kitchen life with every drop.


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